My Blog No. 3

The last few weeks have been quite full on

in this blog I’m going to talk about getting started compared to now

Okay so the other day a friend launched a site and i was so impressed - anyway was called over to give advice and support, which helped out a great deal and I could see help was needed.  My friend has little IT skills but done an amazing job at filling in the basics of the website and yes there is a lot to learn and I think I gave my friend a huge headache by the end of it all.

So let me ask you all to note down some things:

1. Its not as easy as the promo videos, the free trial is so good for people who want to look first, because if it isnt for you then you can just delete it.

2.  Setting up the basics is so easy but you need to watch ALL the youtube videos especially about shipping and linking your account with facebook and instagram - don't go with google unless you got a stack of cash to spend on advertising, the 100 free advertising doesn't help at all.  Honestly facebook is where you will find all your customers and instagram.

3. I will publish a super short video on how to link facebook manager with your shopify store unless you can find the one that is posted.

4. Do link up with kit, he’s actually free and posts straight to your customers, he also messages you when you load a new product to your store and asks if you want to advertise that product to FB for free or pay for a full campaign, he’s amazing, he will load sales reports and keep you up-to date with new ping messages from your store.

5. Yes You need shipping tab open when you load a new product because you have to assign that product to a shipping category, this is also explained in Shopify videos.

6. Yes You need Products tab open when you upload a new product to your store as well as. Shipping and your supplier store must all be open.

7. Yes I just realised all this last week hahaha after having the store for just over a month now.

9. Do try to source products with free shipping, as i learned its easier on you.

10. Do make sure your sourced products have great reviews in english with photos, I actually brought a blouse and the fabric was not as described, looked like rain jacket material instead of cotton, huge disappointment there, lesson learned for me.

11. If your just starting out I don’t recommend signing up with Amazon as they charge a subscription fee, its not cheap.  It is  however very easy to sign up with Amazon if you have a business account.

So would I recommend it, well depending on your budget and IT skills plus time you have to spend on it which needs to be each day as its like a full time job when you wake up in the mornings, then yes.

I do however like my spare time i get and after all the stress of setting up and late nights figuring out the finer details, now i can relax a little.

PS for anyone having difficulty with their store please message me via the store email and I will be happy to help with any questions.


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