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MIXED Magnetic Eyelashes Set for Beautiful Eyes

MIXED Magnetic Eyelashes Set for Beautiful Eyes

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No.1 Natural x5 Lashes
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The texture of the eyeliner is fine and smooth, natural and beautiful.

It can be used in liquids or as a dual purpose. It can effectively

absorb magnet-like eyelashes, or it can be used as an eyeliner for

makeup alone.

No need for eyelash glue, this is so easy to use.

Lashes remain intact throughout the day and it is easy to remove and relocate.

Make-up is quick and easier to wear and adjust the angle.

Using five magnetic technology, the adsorption is firmer.

Waterproof, sweatproof, long-lasting makeup, will not stain.

These magnetic eyelashes can be reused (to ensure stability, it is recommended to reuse 2 times at most)

Product features: beauty makeup black technology, quantum magnetic false eyelashes, magnetic absorption, no glue and harmless, firm and no makeup, natural and realistic, can freely create emphasis to your eyes. 

How to Apply:

1. Shake Eyeliner bottle at least 20 times prior to opening

2. Apply magnetic eyeliner, two light coats.

3. Wait 3-4 minutes for the eyeliner to dry naturally. 

4. Put on the eyelashes in the correct position

5. Slightly adjust using the included tweezers.

Package Included:
1x Packet:
5 pairs of magnetic false eyelashes
1x tweezers
1x Magnetic Eyeliner

Last two photos are of the exact product, delivered to me in excellent condition apart from the box which was a little damaged - I have writing on both photos.

Would I buy these again? 100% yes, I love them, there are different ones for different occasions which I love, you can cut them to suit your eye shape

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