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Eve Plus Smart Vacuum Robot Cleaner with Auto Empty

Eve Plus Smart Vacuum Robot Cleaner with Auto Empty

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Eve Plus Smart Vaccum Robot Cleaner
- with Smart Dust Collection Supports Google Assistant & Alexa
Open the era of true wisdom and cleanliness
Innovating cleaning methods, redefining the sweeping robot.
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Intelligent Dust Collection and Cleaning Station 
- free your hands and bid farewell to ashes.

EVE Plus

is not only a charging station but also an intelligent garbage can. After cleaning, it will automatically empty the dust box and automatically pack the dust when the dust is full. It also has the original ozone antibacterial and deodorizing technology and meanwhile, it can realize eliminate dirty hands and smelling trash.

With EVE Plus robot vacuum and mop cleaner with a clean base, you can rest assured to travel on business. Even if you are away for a month, EVE Plus can clean your home every day. 

4th Generation LDS Super-sensing Lidar
Accurate scanning and mapping
ROIDMI 4th generation super-sensitive LDS lidar can quickly scan the whole house and automatically draw maps through SLAM algorithm, with an accuracy of 40% higher than that of the previous generation.

Smart room Partition
Remembering every scene
By the automatic recognition of artificial intelligence, not only can the map partition be saved automatically, but you can also merge, style and name the partitions to achieve cleaning in a preset order or scheduled cleaning of the designated room.

Not finished this time Automatically next time
No need for the owner to worry about the whole cleaning process. Low power will automatically return to the cleaning station for charging.
When the power is fully charged, the cleaning will be continued immediately to avoid missing or repeated cleaning.

30 Sensors full Coverage
Fully perceive the surrounding environment
The owner does not need to worry about the whole cleaning process, the low battery will automatically return to the dust collection station to charge, and the cleaning will continue immediately when the battery is full to avoid missing or repeated scanning.

Automatically Calculates the Height
Will not get stuck under the bed
Judges the height of the bed and the cabinet through the LDS pressure sensor, and don't rush where you shouldn't go.

Flagship hurricane suction
Suck away the dust deep in the gap
The high-performance digital brushless motor and lane separation technology derived from ROIDMI EVE Plus bring 2700Pa surging suction power, which can easily clean the ground dust, peel and hair.

Connect to ROIDMI/MIJIA App
Remote control easy cleaning
It can be easily cleaned when you are not at home, just open the Rumi/Mijia APP, and you can remotely control it with a one-key start.
Switch mode, real-time check and search status, full control anytime, anywhere.




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