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Bluetooth Wireless Earbuds - With Mic - Waterproof

Bluetooth Wireless Earbuds - With Mic - Waterproof

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B9-TWS touch control

Just Tap: pause/play click: accept/reject long-press to accept or reject a call or to select a track or previous track: 

- double click left ear next track: double click right ear volume +: click left ear 3 times volume- 

- click the right ear 3 times the voice: press and hold for 3 seconds

Product parameters

1. Chip: V5.0 

2. Effective straight line distance: 10 meters 

3. Drive unit: High-quality graphene speaker with 6mm speaker diameter. 

4. Battery: Lithium polymer battery, 50mah full cobalt battery headphones, 300mah charging compartment (with protection board) 

5. Playtime: 4 hours for one earphone and 3 hours for both earphones. 

6. Standby time: 100H for one earphone, 60H for both earbuds 

7. Full charge time: about 70 minutes for the earbuds, 

    - about 2 hours for the charging storage

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