My Blog No.1

My Blog No.1

Hello Everyone,

My Website Journey -Part 1: 11 Sep 2020

Friday, 11 September 2020

Well this is all new for me, 

I started this on 20 August and it took me 3 days to get it up and published, so here is how it all started: I saw so many adverts on social media, so I thought why not right, cant be so bad, if something goes wrong I could just leave.  

First off I am a solo mother of 2 and I struggle day to day to live happily, I am a great saver but there are so many sacrifices when it comes giving your children a good or reasonable life, I do not drink, I do not smoke, I am just a struggling mother, rent is far too expensive, eating healthy is not worth trying, I have lived off rice and noodles so my children can have a birthday, I have been lucky to have my family to help me out but we are not comfortable in any way.

I have a huge array of experience in Administration and IT but I cannot find employment in my city, unbelievable right, I have all the rejection emails to prove it, I ask myself why wont they hire me but its obvious, they want the perfect person for the job, inexperienced, young, but enthusiastic, to my surprise that same position is offered up again at a huge expense to the company when they could have hired me,  but I am far too experienced for those positions, my children are a risk and the list goes on.

So here I am, I started this, it was unusual to work out the system as my previous websites I designed and sold by myself didn't involve such a easy but technical chore, I went through so many of the steps signed up with the first supplier they offered with a great reputation but I didn't realise they charge a monthly USD fee of $29.95 which came to about $33 NZD and on top of that a $1 fee on my first sale which put me in deficit so I lost out, I am not sure that I made the right choice signing up with them but I am going to see how it goes for an extra month, if I don't like it then they will have to go.

I have since signed up with a free supplier who is more direct and doesn't charge a monthly fee, we will see how that goes after a month or so and I will post my update.

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