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100% goose down winter duvet inner Summer or Winter

100% goose down winter duvet inner Summer or Winter

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Luxury Hotel Quality or Home use
Duvet Material: 100% Cotton
Filling: 100% White Goose Down 
Fabric: 95% Cotton
Thread Count: 400TC
Technics: Weave
Loft Power: 800
Fill Rate: 90

Grade A Duvet inner

Size and Weight
150 x 200cm 3kg  
150 x 200cm 3kg AND 4kg 
200 x 230cm 3.5kg - Fits Queen Size Bed 
220 x 240cm 4kg - Fits King Size Bed - Autumn & winter
220 x 240cm 5kg - Fits King Size Bed - Full winter out of stock

Washing care

- Set your washer to a delicate or refresher setting

- use a gentle detergent without bleach

- use the extra rinse and spin cycle if the washing machine has one to ensure all the detergent is rinsed away.  Please note, washing is not advisable with our goose down as it may clump and look bulky, goose down need a special air dry procedure.

Shipping: please note shipping freight charges and fees have increased during the holiday season. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Ts & Cs:

Shipping Direct From Our Manufacturer Overseas in China

Shipping Time is approximately 30 Days, some customers have received earlier - order now for the new year. 

1. Long Haul Freight: The package is compressed to a small shipping size, you will need to fluff it up and let sit for a few hours or overnight, Pat it gently, to help restore the desired bounce and puffiness of the original duvet inner as in photos, over time this will bring back its puffiness. 

 2. Before use, air out for 60 minutes; note this step after using for 1 or 2 months, but do not expose to excessive heat for long periods of 2-3 hours, fluff it up and rotate and let the air out prior to putting it back onto your bed.

3.  To prevent moisture resulting in mould and/or mildew place in a well ventilated and dry area of the home - do not seal for long periods if storing.  

4. Goose down comforter should not be washed but it can be if handled with utter care, after a few years of use, try to clean it or give it a good airing out each month.

5. It is best not to clean the duvet, so as not to damage the characteristics of its natural feathers, pay attention to keep the quilt clean, What you need to do is just fluffy it in the morning, This can make the moisture and sweat lost, restore the original elastic and fluffy down.

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