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Eyelash Removing Gel FOR LASH EXTENSIONS

Eyelash Removing Gel FOR LASH EXTENSIONS

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For Permanent Eyelashes that are falling off, don't try to pull out yourself, it hurts and will pull all your natural lashes out, our products are a safer way to remove your broken and falling lashes easier and pain free.

Aloe Vera Gel 5ml 

Will last for up to

Expertly remove your lash extensions with our Eyelash Removing Gel. Our specially formulated gel gently and effectively dissolves the adhesive, making it easy to remove your extensions without any damage to your natural lashes. Say goodbye to harmful removal methods and hello to effortlessly beautiful lashes.

30 -40 uses removable lashes you only need a small amount on your brush buds.

PLANT EXTRACT 20g will last up to 40 -60 uses


1x 5ml Aloe Gel while stocks last

or 1x PLANT EXTRACT 20g Plus Free Gift

Shipping from Rotorua

Pickup special from $10 each

Caution: A support person must accompany while taking off the false eyelashes, if you do it by yourself you will get some in your eyes and it is recommended to rinse and wash eyes if product gets into the eyes, using warm water and rinse for 5 mins and pat dry with clean face towel.

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