About Us

Tena Koe,

Hello and Welcome to eShopifiz.com.

I am a little kiwi with a big heart born in Aotearoa New Zealand.

I created this website to give everyone a new way of shopping without the need for paying extra for branding and marketing companies like Wish who sell cool things but when you get them its not really what you expected.  Well I am not Chinese or Asian, I am a New Zealand Maori of Tuhoe Descendant, well educated. 

What I do is source products from China, Australia, America, Russia France and Spain, I try them out, then I make sure the quality is really good, if it is not so great, I will search for either that product or a better quality product, then sell it for the real price or find the real product.   For instance you may have seen Lumae circulating on the web, well this very product was made in China but they have put their branding on and paid for a new box, so thats it, you are paying the extra $170 for the branding and marketing.  With eShopifiz.com, you don't pay for marketing or branding, you get the real product at the real price, we will make sure to only earn between $20 - $40 profit from each sale and we take care of the shipping on most items. 

I believe there is always something better out there, I work directly with my suppliers who are the actual manufacturer - some products sell out faster than others, but don't worry too much, there is always more coming.

Here is another great concept I can do just for you, if you have a product you love, but it is so expensive just send me a photo or two, I will do my best to find out where that item is from and help you get what you love most without the extra fees.

With many years of experience in wholesale and dropshipping, I can help arrange bulk orders, just let me know and I can arrange that for you, building and designing websites including this one.  I love doing something new and now I have started this new venture of drop-shipping, through sourcing products from high quality suppliers for a much more reasonable price.  Please ask if there is anything specific that you are looking for - I endeavour to source a better price for you. 

If you need to reach out to me or anyone from my small team, please contact me via our chat feature or via our contact us form, for privacy reasons we block all spam related emails due to scams and phishing which we take very seriously, we have had hundreds since opening our business

NOTE: We Don't need help with advertising, please understand we have our own advertising manager and are also very happy with our sales.

Unless you have spoken to us personally then your emails will be deleted and reported and marked as phishing emails (Due to Scam Emails, our email is now private - we do not accept telephone calls for sales and marketing - any foreign number calling our line will be blocked).

To both our loyal customers and subscribers, If you need to search for a particular product please message us using our chat feature at the bottom of each page if we are closed, do not worry, we will always reply to your messages the next day or as soon as we are back in the office.

We appreciate your business!